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About me

Hi, I’m a researcher in the field of computational linguistics. This is my academic website, where I also blog infrequently about things I’m reading and working on.

I’m currently working in the Change is Key! project in Gothenburg, Sweden with Nina Tahmasebi. Before that I was a PhD student in computational linguistics at the Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability CLASP.

My research focuses on how we construct meaning through interaction. As a computational linguist, I try to find ways to investigate these questions using statistical and machine learning methods. I’m interested in how people align on the meaning of words over the course of a dialogue, and how this adaptive process can lead to long-term community-level semantic change. Right now, my work is focused on constructing datasets and devising modeling methods that help us investigate semantic change as a continuous process.

In no particular order, here’s a non-exhaustive list of topics and methods I find interesting.

  • semantic alignment
  • semantic variation and change
  • fine-grained semantic change detection
  • computational sociolinguistics
  • word meaning negotiation
  • social network analysis
  • language modeling for dialogue

Here you can find a list recent publications or have a look on Google Scholar.

About this site

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